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The learning Qigong, let's be healthy both physically and mentally.
When you say "qigong master", you Do you have any images?
Or be a "person with a special ability", I think you have an image of "The One"?
Indeed, when I say to become a qigong master until now, I did have to learn over many years and breathing Doko.
Moreover, the fact that it can become as able as doing qigong master, was thought to be almost a miracle.
This was overturned the common sense of such Qigong is,'s the "Qigong of Shuren".
Difficult technology not required, it is possible that while listening to piano music Besides, sitting, anyone emit the power of Ki in a short period of time, It is a Qigong breakthrough.

Era that "anyone", "easy", "in a short period of time" to get used to qigong master came.

How would you like to become a qigong master Shuren?
Shuren qigong master Headmaster Shuji Masutomo
  Actualis, Level 2
21 & 23 Boulevard Haussmann
Paris , 75009

When 39-year-old, Masutomo Headmaster has joined the late Mr. Masahito Nakagawa in "qigong training course".
So I was impressed by the splendor and greatness of the power of Ki.
Since then, he decided to go come a world of Ki.
Then, he studied guru of Qigong in China anesthesia "Mr. Lin housheng".
By combining the three types of care of martial arts qigong was training its own In addition, we devised Qigong the top-level "Qigong of Shuren ".
While performing qigong practitioner, and has also carried out training of qigong.
Started in earnest the training of qigong as "Shuren qigong training course" is from 1998.
Established "Shuren School qigong master" from April 2001. Shuren qigong Academy Training Center also completed at the same time, I have taken a new step.
I have decided to receive the designation as accredited by the U.S. education corporation, certificate of completion certification "Shuren international qigong master" is issued by the ministry from November the same year.
Shuren of qigong master (as of December 2012) has been working every day 2,500 or more, including the Masutomo Headmaster.